My Phone is freaking out!

In regards to the Versatile Blogger I’m  traveling. I’m using my phone at present.
I apologize for my annoying phone that absolutely refused to accept the names of the bloggers I nominated.
I hope the first award I posted was legible.
The rules are
1. Tell us seven random things about yourself.
2. Present this award to seven of your favorite blogging.

I nominated these blogs because they are wonderful and great!

1. Hitandrun1964
2. Baxbell
3. bullroain
4. Cpsington42
5. mathew992
6. BlogWoman
7. iosatel

Again I sincerely apologize for the utter mess I made in trying to present this award.
I love all of your blogs. They are creative, fun, and lovely. And I hope you too can present seven bloggers with this award.