People of The World Awake! Wake Up!!! Before it’s Too Late! – A Letter to Unbelievers

photo credit: Commentary By: Gordon King WAKE UP WORLD!  How long shall you slumber?  How long will you continue to hide in the darkness?  This letter is for the unbelievers in Jesus Christ, the only true Lord and Savior of the world.  God is leading me to write this letter to all who do […]

People of The World Awake! Wake Up!!! Before it’s Too Late! – A Letter to Unbelievers

Regarding protection from evil…

The Book of ODE

The Forgotten Books of Eden, by Rutherford H. Platt, Jr., [1926], at

ODE 5.

This Ode has strangely appeared in a speech by Salome in another ancient work called the Pistis Sophia.

1. I will give thanks unto thee, O Lord, because I love thee;

2. O Most High, thou wilt not forsake me, for thou art my hope:

3. Freely I have received thy grace, I shall live thereby:

4 My persecutors will come and not see me:

5. A cloud of darkness shall fall on their eyes; and an air of thick gloom shall darken them:

6. And they shall have no light to see: they may not take hold upon me.

7. Let their counsel become thick darkness, and what they have cunningly devised, let it return upon their own heads:

8. For they have devised a counsel, and it did not succeed:

9. For my hope is upon the Lord, and I will not fear, and because the Lord is my salvation, I will not fear:

10. And He is as a garland on my head and I shall not be moved; even if everything should be shaken, I stand firm;

11. And if all things visible should perish, I shall not die; because the Lord is with me and I am with Him. Hallelujah.


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