People of The World Awake! Wake Up!!! Before it’s Too Late! – A Letter to Unbelievers

photo credit: Commentary By: Gordon King WAKE UP WORLD!  How long shall you slumber?  How long will you continue to hide in the darkness?  This letter is for the unbelievers in Jesus Christ, the only true Lord and Savior of the world.  God is leading me to write this letter to all who do […]

People of The World Awake! Wake Up!!! Before it’s Too Late! – A Letter to Unbelievers




I fell asleep one night.

I fell deep unto my dream,

in a place absent of time.

When your heart was free and your spirit was kind.

Serenity and peace set you apart.

I became frozen in place in time, absent of meaning, transparent hearts of plastic that gave me the ability to see truth but not feel it.

Frightened, I screamed!

I awoke, only to find a mirrored reflection of someone I used to know.

Dreams, what do they mean…

~Can’t find my way home~


So here I rest in isolation from everything I’ve known

A wanderer in quest of a place
that I called home

Time spent in search of higher ground

Reality haunts my dwelling

Leaving more mountains that I must  climb

A thousand miles vanished

Renders only a consciousness

Of what I left behind…


“Poetry is a dream which gives us  vision; photography is a reflection of our dreams that give us hope.”






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~Tonights nightmare~


I was awakened in the night

By roars of monstrous sounds

Pounding over my pillow

Crashing through my skies

Rendered thoughts…no…no…no

It cannot be time

I heard boots marching

Choppers thundering

Screams of innocence

It is too late to run

But somehow I knew

It wasn’t to late to fly

I covered my head

I said a prayer

I tried to make believe

it was only a dream

But I knew it was the final nightmare

So I believed that I could fly

As I had  practiced many times

In my dreams throughout my life

My memories gave me faith

Faith became light

Light became hope

Hope became courage

Courage became wings

That lifted me up above

All the cries of Humanity

And all that refused to fly

All death that was smitten

By those who came

To kill steal and destroy

One will be taken

And one will be left…


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[by Dawna Bowles (C)2014]



I went to bed last night

And I fell asleep

I fell…

And fell…

Into my dream absent of time

When Your heart was free

Your spirit was kind

Serenity and peace

Set you apart

I was frightened

I tried to escape

I screamed…)))))

And when I awoke

You were standing over me

Holding a mirror so I could see


What do they mean…


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[by Dawna Bowles (C)2014]

You are in my dreams again

Another night I fell


Inside my lovely dream


Only to find you are mine again

But for a moment of time

Awakened I realized

I was only dreaming

I scream..

I am alone




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by [Dawna Bowles (C)2014]

Celestial Musical Dreams


Oh if I could find a way to
Just dream my life away
Dancing with the stars at night
Heavens arms holding me tight
Clouds to float on in the day
Resonances of purest ways
Musicals of Van Gogh
Harmony with my soul
Oh how I wish it was to be
The only side that I could see

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