By Donna Brown Bowles published from WordPress. June 27, 2022 ©

When will my heart stop beating so this ache will go away?

When will the pain leave me to live another day?

When will my heart find peace in the absence of my son?

When will this despair leave my heart alone?

When will my tears stop bleeding in crimson tones?

When will the hole in my heart be filled with hope again?

When will I stop regretting all the years that you were gone, the times we missed,  the miles you walked alone, the tears that fell in isolation, when you were so far away from home?

When will I stop thinking of the thousand miles of storms that you wandered in the cold?

When will I stop hearing your last words, “Help me mom, I need you; I’m about to fall?”

When will I stop thinking that something went very wrong?

When will I forget that cold night that you stopped singing your last song?

When will I stop seeing your shadow on every wall?

When will I stop hearing your
Whisper…  “I love you mom, be strong, we’ll be together soon; it won’t be long at all.”

My dearest son, Levi, had reluctantly left this earth on January 29, 2022.
His last echo is infinite but
“it won’t be long at all.”

By Donna Brown Bowles
(C) June 27, 2022

~The Autumn Days~

The Autumn days grow shorter as if it

were an hour but when I wake up

yawning I want to see that autumn sky

and every night when I go dreaming of

oh I wish…I wish…I could just dream but

in my heart I know I have to live and live


His will be done.”


~By Jessica Jones age 7 ~
(C) 1997 Alaska.


~☆ ♡ My precious daughter ♡ ☆~


Russia Builds FEMA Camps For Americans On The Alaska Islands That Obama Gave Away!


“The Obama Administration is reportedly giving away Wrangell, Bennett, Jeannette and Henrietta islands in Alaska to Russia. The Federal government drew the line to put these seven Alaskan islands on the Russian side….”

More: Russians Behind Michigan Nuke Explosion! Chicago Next?

Many Americans have quickly drawn the conclusion that OIL INTERESTS are the PRIMARY REASON. However, based upon prior research, I would like to suggest there are even darker reasons BEHIND this give-away of these Alaska islands. Especially when it appears that martial law is so very near in North America.

As I write this intriguing article, I am living literally here ON THE COAST OF ALASKA. I have been here helping a friend since December 2011. No one here but God knows about the hidden prayers I am compelled to pray over the state of Alaska, America’s FUTURE SIBERIAN-TYPE GULAG STATE. Alaska is filled with detention camp facilities and closed military bases like Fort Greeley that can also be used similarly, including America’s largest known detention facility reportedly able to hold up to one million helpless Americans or more, under martial law.

This huge detention facility flies joint American and RUSSIAN flags…and Russian military advisers operate this gulag…uh, I mean detention camp. Just like ruthless Russian military have ALWAYS operated Russia’s infamous Siberian gulag detention camp system for decades. Just like American military also run infamous GITMO in Guantanamo Bay, or Abu Ghraib in Iraq.


MILITARY AND DETENTION CAMPS (with sordid abuses of prisoners) always seem to go together…kinda like a macabre version of “eggs n’ bacon” or “burgers and fries”combinations: one just doesn’t seem complete without the other.

Some years ago, I was a guest on Lenny Bloom’s “CLOAK AND DAGGER” broadcast, then out of Toronto, Canada, with his co-host Sherman Skolnick.

As they interviewed me about my in-depth investigative journalism exposing the New World Order gulag agenda for Canada, Sherman Skolnick interrupted me to insert some startling information:”Did you know that, even as we are speaking, RUSSIAN MILITARY UNDER SECRET TREATY WITH THE U.S GOVERNMENT are building DETENTION CAMPS FOR AMERICANS ON ISLANDS OFF THE COAST OF ALASKA????”

No, I didn’t…but I did know through a previous trip to investigate the NWO agenda in Alaska, that it was destined to become AMERICA’S FUTURE “GULAG STATE.” The detention camps and closed bases are HERE. The U.N/FEMA prisoner boxcars with shackles are HERE. Foreign troops are HERE. A joint American/Russian military tunnel beneath the Bering Straits (using military nuclear boring machinery) is HERE. Detention camps for Americans off Alaska’s coast are HERE.

Based on years of researching the NWO agenda for America, and repeatedly uncovering Russia’s secret involvement at various times, I personally believe that this island give-away may be tied in more with the Russian role in detention camps for Americans under martial law…perhaps Alaska’s versions of “Alcatraz” prison to detain America’s most determined “NWO RESISTER” freedom fighters under MARTIAL LAW.

Although at that time of our broadcast in 2004, Skolnick alluded to the Aleutian Islands as where they were secretly building the detention camps, ANY islands with appropriate terrain can be used for such purposes. While OIL and natural resources may indeed be a motivational part of this Obama Alaska island give-away to PUTIN, I would like to suggest that there may be darker underlying reasons that neither Obama or Putin dare mention to the American people.

Keep a watchful eye on Alaska, the future “GULAG STATE.”

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Before I retire for the evening, I thought I would share something that Is important in regards to judging others.  image

Many years ago when I was a substitute teacher for the Matanuska Susitna school district in Palmer Alaska. I remember this particular morning that I was sent to Burchell High School.

This school was a continuation school. It was a school for troubled teens, if you will, or maybe teens with behavioral problems.

When I arrived at the school the attending counselor greeted me and asked if I had ever worked with these kinds of teens.
I told him I had, and his reply was music to my ears.  He said, “I just want you to know that all of our students are not bad, to the contrary,  they’re all good students, they have just made some bad choices.” He went on to explain that our job was to get them back on track. I was instructed to gently guide them and to always treat them with respect.

The staff and the students worked in unison. It was, and still is one of the finest schools I have subed for in my life.

It just goes to show that society’s opinion isn’t always accurate. 

“Those who deserve love the least need it the most.”