Poetry For A Child Like Heart

wpid-20140610_130923.gif Today is a beautiful day for me It is the first time I had my hair done you see The hairstylist says my hair is cool Her smile sure did set me free She used a blow dryer and other tools She said I am pretty and that it shows No more tangles for me you know My hair blows freely in the wind I feel so beautiful for the first time Do you think vanity is a crime…   [By Dawna Bowles [(C) 06/14/14]

4 replies to “Poetry For A Child Like Heart

  1. I wonder why the author of this site spends so much time on religious themes and God when she has revealed to me in a personal discussion that she doesn’t believe in God? Very strange woman indeed.


    1. I’m not sure who you spoke with privately, but it certainly wasn’t me Sir.
      I believe in GOD, JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.
      I’m sorry you’re so unhappy with your life but please don’t take it out on me for I had no conversation in regards to my personal life.
      I’m NOT the one!
      My hope only, is for you to find peace in JESUS NAME amen.


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