THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS by: Thomas O. Lambdin (Coptic version)
                 B.P Grenfell & A.S. Hunt (Greek Fragments)
                 Bentley Layton (Greek Fragments)
Commentary by: Craig Schenk


50)  Jesus said, “If they say to you, ‘Where did you come from?’,
say to them, ‘We came from the light, the place where the light
came into being on its own accord and established [itself] and became manifest/clear through their image.’ If they say to you, ‘Is it you?’, say, ‘We are its children, we are the elect/chosen of the Living Father.’ If they ask you, ‘What is the sign of your father in you?’, say to them, ‘It is movement and repose.'”

A state of rest, sleep, or tranquility.
A state of resting after exertion or strain especially : rest in sleep

Eternal or heavenly restpray for the repose of a soul

A harmony in the arrangement of parts and colors that is restful to the eye MOVEMENT:
moving parts of a mechanism that transmit a definite motion

A series of organized activities working toward an objective also: an organized effort to promote or attain an end.

Definition of movement in motion

A sense  of movement distinct structural unit or division having its own key, rhythmic structure, and themes and forming part of an extended musical composition
The symphony consisted of three movements.

A particular rhythmic flow of language.
Art movement. A harmonious arrangement of colors and forms, providing a restful visual effect.



Opinion, by Donna Brown Bowles

April 18, 2020

Could the Sun be YESHUA and the moon satan?

This is my opinion only but, when I read this, it was my impression that, this was the beginning of the contention in heaven between Lucifer and GOD because of Lucifer’s jealousy.

I’m not sure; however, it may be something to ponder…


(1) On the fourth day he formed two lights, one not larger than the other; they were identical both in their form and in their light, as it is said, ‘And God made the two lights.’ A quarrel ensued between them; one said to the other, ‘I am greater than thou.’ Therefore God, in order to make peace between them, enlarged the one and diminished the other, as it is said, ‘And the greater to rule by day.’ (2) R. Eliezer said that God uttered one word and the heavens were created to become the dwelling-place of the throne of the glory of His kingdom, as it is said, ‘By the word of the Lord the heavens were made,’ but for the numerous host of heaven God exerted Himself more; He blew with the breath of His mouth, and all the host of the heavens were created, as it is said, ‘And with the breath of His mouth all their host.’ (3) All the stars and planets and the two lights were created at the beginning of the fourth night. One did not precede the other except by one minute particle of time; therefore, all the work of the sun is done slowly, while that of the moon is done quickly; what the sun takes twelve days to do the moon can do in one day; what the sun does during the whole year the moon does in thirty days, as it is explained in the chapters

p. 11

of R. Eliezer. (4) Three letters of the ineffable name of God are written upon the heart of the sun, and angels lead it. Those that lead it in the day do not lead it in the night, and those that lead it in the night do not lead it in the day. The sun rises in a chariot, and rides forth crowned as a bridegroom, as it is said, ‘And he goeth forth from his canopy as a bridegroom.’ The horns (the rays) and the fiery face of the sun look upon the earth in the summer, they would consume it with fire if the ice above would not temper the heat, as it is said, ‘Nothing is hidden from his heat.’ In the winter-time the sun turns his icy face to the earth, and were it not for the fire which warms the cold, the world would not be able to endure it, as it is said, ‘Who can stand before his cold?’ (5) The sun rises in the east and sets opposite in the west. The Shekinah always resides in the west, and the sun enters in its presence, and, bowing down before the King of kings, says: ‘O Lord of the universe, I have fulfilled all Thy commands.’ These are some of the ways of the sun. (6) The habitation of the moon is placed between the clouds and the thick darkness, which are like two dishes one above the other; within them the moon travels. These two clouds turn themselves towards the west, and the moon peeps out from between the two in the form of a little horn. On the first night of the new month one part is visible, on the second night a second portion, and so on until the middle of the month, when it is full moon. From the middle of the month onwards these two clouds turn themselves eastwards, and that part of the moon which appeared first is the first to be covered by the two clouds—on the first night one part, on the second night a second part, until the end of the month, when it is entirely covered. Whence do we know that the moon is between two clouds

Because it is said, ‘The cloud is its clothing, and clouds of darkness its covering.’

http://Chronicles of Jerahmeel, by M. Gavster [1899], at


This apocrypha is an extraordinary story and has inspired me greatly. The power of Jesus, the Son of God and the only true living God is shown in this wonderful apocrypha.

This story details, in my opinion, what a real feminist is. Her strength, courage and integrity could only come from a life devoted to God. Please read it in its entirety from the 1st. Chapter. Link below.


1 Thecla thrown naked to the wild beasts; 2 they all refuse to attack her; 8 throws herself into a pit of water. 10 other wild beasts refuse her. 11 Tied to wild bulls. 13 Miraculously saved. 15 Released. 24 Entertained by Trifina.

THEN Thecla was taken out of the hand of Trifina, stripped naked, had a girdle put on, and thrown into the place appointed for fighting with the beasts: and the lions and the bears were let loose upon her.

2 But a she-lion, which was of all the most fierce, ran to Thecla, and fell down at her feet. Upon which the multitude of women shouted aloud.

3 Then a she-bear ran fiercely towards her; but the she-lion met the bear, and tore it to pieces.

4 Again, a he-lion, who had been wont to devour men, and which belonged to Alexander, ran towards her; but the she-lion encountered the he-lion, and they killed each other.

5 Then the women were under a greater concern, because the she-lion, which had helped Thecla, was dead.

6 Afterwards they brought out many other wild beasts; but Thecla stood with her hands stretched towards heaven, and prayed; and when she had done praying, she turned about, and saw a pit of water, and said, Now it is a proper time for me to be baptized.

7 Accordingly she threw herself into the water, and said, In thy name, O my Lord Jesus Christ, I am this last day baptized. The women and the people seeing this, cried out, and said, Do not throw yourself into the water. And the governor himself cried out, to think that the fish (sea-calves) were like to devour so much beauty.

8 ¶ Notwithstanding all this, Thecla threw herself into the water, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

9 But the fish (sea-calves,) when they saw the lighting and fire, were killed, and swam dead upon the surface of the water, and a cloud of fire surrounded

p. 108

Thecla, so that as the beasts could not come near her, so the people could not see her nakedness.

10 Yet they turned other wild beasts upon her; upon which they made a very mournful outcry; and some of them scattered spikenard, others cassia, others amomus (a sort of spikenard, or the herb of Jerusalem, or ladies-rose) others ointment; so that the quantity of ointment was large, in proportion to the number of people; and upon this all the beasts lay as though they had been fast asleep, and did not touch Thecla.

11 Whereupon Alexander said to the Governor, I have some very terrible bulls; let us bind her to them. To which the governor, with concern, replied, You may do what you think fit.

12 Then they put a cord round Thecla’s waist, which bound also her feet, and with it tied her to the bulls, to whose privy-parts they applied red-hot irons, that so they being the more tormented, might more violently drag Thecla about, till they had killed her.

13 The bulls accordingly tore about, making a most hideous noise; but the flame which was about Thecla, burnt off the cords which were fastened to the members of the bulls, and she stood in the middle of the stage, as unconcerned as if she had not been bound.

14 But in the mean time Trifina, who sat upon one of the benches, fainted away and died; upon which the whole city was under a very great concern.

15 And Alexander himself was afraid, and desired the governor, saying: I entreat you, take compassion on me and the city, and release this woman, who has fought with the beasts; lest, both you and I, and the whole city be destroyed

16 For if Cæsar should have any account of what has passed now, he will certainly immediately destroy the city, because Trifina, a person of royal extract, and a relation of his, is dead upon her seat.


17 Upon this the governor called Thecla from among the beasts to him, and said to her, Who art thou? and what are thy circumstances, that not one of the beasts will touch thee?

18 Thecla replied to him; I am a servant of the living God; and as to my state, I am a believer on Jesus Christ his Son, in whom God is well pleased; and for that reason none of the beasts could touch me.

19 He alone is the way to eternal salvation, and the foundation of eternal life. He is a refuge to those who are in distress; a support to the afflicted, hope and defence to those who are hopeless; and, in a word, all those who do not believe on him, shall not live, but suffer eternal death.

20 When the govern or heard these things, he ordered her clothes to be brought, and said to her put on your clothes.

21 Thecla replied: May that God who clothed me when I was naked among the beasts, in the day of judgment clothe your soul with the robe of salvation. Then she took her clothes, and put them on; and the governor immediately published an order in these words; I release to you Thecla the servant of God.

22 Upon which the women cried out together with a loud voice, and with one accord gave praise unto God, and said; There is but one God, who is the God

of Thecla; the one God who delivered Thecla.

Read the entire story because it is fascinating.


The master storyteller told a story about a little 8 year old girl who was living in an orphanage.
She was extremely shy and very unattractive, the other children wouldn’t play with her and she was always alone, all of the time.

She was a problem to the teachers and the management of the institution sought to get rid of her, she had already been transferred twice.

At that particular home there was an iron-clad rule that any outside communication had to be censored by the director or the associate.

Late one afternoon this little girl climbed a tree whose branches hung over the main wall, she placed an envelope on a limb as, far out as she could possibly reach.

She had been watched by the director and when the girl had returned to her room the director, in the end most undignified fashion, climbed the tree and retrieved the mysterious message.

After she had read it, without a word, she passed it to her associate.
The letter read.

From Susan to anybody who reads this,

I love you…

Post by Donna Brown, Bowles

Author unknown


We are all created in HIS image and likeness and given the choice to choose peace or war.

Native American Warfare in the West: Conflict Among the tribes.

Let me get this straight.
Do you mean humans are more alike then we have been indoctrinated to believe, and it wasn’t just,
“The White Man,” who was capable of such atrocities against humanity?
Indians did it also?
And we were all created in God’s image and likeness and given the choice to choose peace or war?

Genesis 1:26-27

26 “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness:

That’s amazing…

Some would have you believe that everything oppressive is caused by,
“The Evil White Man” and that somehow America would be better off and a peaceful land if Columbus hadn’t come to America.
The irony of it all…

Here’s some interesting parts of history that are taboo to repeat in our society because they don’t want you to know that we, no matter what race, color or creed, are all alike, in every way shape and manner.

The reason they, “The elite” don’t want you to know is it will ruin their plans to divide and conquer!
If we’re not united against evil they win.
It’s not about color.
It’s about good or evil.

And it’s probably time to choose sides and choose wisely because there are ONLY two sides to ONE GREAT STORY:

God’s or satan

You decide.

Below is an example of how the Indian tribes were and are no different than the white, black, Asian etc…

Native American Warfare in the West: Conflict Among the tribes.

Fighting in the Southwest during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries followed the mourning-war pattern prevalent among the eastern woodland Indians. Like their eastern counterparts, both sedentary Pueblo Indians and seminomadic tribes such as the Navajo warred to avenge the murder of their kinsmen. In important ways, however, warfare in the Southwest differed from that practiced in the eastern part of North America. First, semisedentary Native Americans raided both other seminomadic tribes and the Pueblo Indians in an effort to acquire material goods through plunder. More importantly, the Pueblo Indians living in and near the Rio Grande valley often fought wars that were more similar to European conflicts than to the woodland Indians’ blood feuds.

Semi Sedentary Tribes. Like their eastern neighbors, tribes such as the Apache and Navajo fought to avenge the deaths of kinsmen rather than to acquire territory. When a clan member was killed by Indians from another tribe, a war leader related to the deceased formed a war party composed of kinsmen and unrelated young men who sought the prestige that came through success in battle. After two nights of war dances and a day of feasting, the war party moved into enemy territory, where it took women and children captive and killed enemy warriors. Because semi-nomadic Indians such as the Navajo had to avenge every clan member killed by a rival tribe, blood-feud warfare was, as in the East, self-perpetuating and never ending.

Raiding Parties. There were, however, important differences between the objectives of eastern Indian warfare and the goals of their southwestern counterparts. While eastern Indians fought almost exclusively to achieve retribution, southwestern Indians clashed with their neighbors both to avenge previous wrongs and to loot them of material possessions. Apaches and Navajos, for example, raided both each other and the sedentary Pueblo Indian tribes in an effort to acquire goods through plunder. Though the distinction was missed by the Pueblo Indians and, later, by the Spanish, raiding parties differed substantially from war parties in terms of their objectives and their approach. While war parties sought to take captives and to achieve vengeance through killing, the smaller raiding parties hoped to avoid fighting and focused instead on taking booty. Raids often spawned blood feuds, though, because a tribe had to avenge the death of a warrior who died either in a raid or in an ensuing battle with pursuers.

Pueblo Indians. The sedentary Pueblo Indians of the Rio Grande valley likewise engaged in the vengeance-motivated

Warfare that was common to kinship-based societies. Pueblo warfare was not, however, limited to blood feuds. Living in and near the densely populated but resource-poor Rio Grande valley, Pueblo tribes such as the Hopis, Zunis, Piros, and Tewas fought with one another to secure control of the region’s limited supply of arable land. Such economically and territorially motivated warfare led the Pueblo Indians to make their adobe towns—called pueblos—powerful defensive fortifications. They did so by building their settlements atop steep mesas, by constructing their multistory buildings around a central plaza to form sheer exterior walls, and by limiting access to the main square to a single, narrow, easily defended passageway. Navajo and Apache raiding parties consequently found the Pueblo Indians’ settlements to be tempting but formidable targets.


George J. Gumerman, ed., Themes in Southwest Prehistory (Santa Fe, N.M.: School of American Research Press, 1994);

Elizabeth H. John, Storms Brewed in Other Men’s Worlds: The Confrontation of Indians, Spanish and French in the Southwest, 1540–1795 (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1975);

Finding Truth with Zen Garcia

I would like to introduce you to new way of finding truth with Zen Garcia, author and publisher of several books (20+) of ancient theologies with esoteric topics such as:
The Gnostics ; apocryphal scriptures; Lost Books Of The Bible; The Forgotten Books Of Eden; The Dead Sea Scrolls and more…

With skillfull articulation, Zen demonstrates how we have been manipulated from the beginning by comparing lost books of bible with the KJV bible to confirm their validity with elaboration.

Zen has spent many years meticulously researching various historical theologies. His findings of truth are astounding and as a direct result, has encountered opposition and ridicule not, only from the secular side but, the religious side as well.

Truth can be threatening to those who stand to gain without it.
In opposition, it would be unbearable to those who are unwilling to accept that they have been beguiled.

With fine articulation, Zen demonstrates how we have been manipulated from the beginning and the enemies agenda and explains how to endeavor freedom one compelling page at a time.

But, let me warn you first.
This information is for Truth seekers only.
If you are unwilling to embrace truth this is not the place for you.

I’ll share my story from the beginning when I first discovered the truth with Zen Garcia to explain why it’s neccessary to be ready to receive the truth.

My story,

It was almost two years ago that I had stumbled upon Zen; I believe it was by divine intervention. I was desperately searching for truth for many years when one morning I felt compelled to search, once more.
I turned on YouTube and discovered Zen.
He was discussing vaccinations with Laurel Austin, who has done in-depth studies on vaccines, and is a wellness writer and co-host for Zen Garcia.
I was stunned as I listened to their experiences, and their expertise as they examined these controversial issues with such tenacity.

I was convinced and inspired. Over the next few days I had watched as many of Zen’s YouTube videos as possible.
Including several topics and books that Zen had written:
“A Different Way of Being, Lucifer – Father of Cain, Awaken to the NWO, Sons of God: Who We Are Why We Are Here, Skyfalll- Angels of Destiny., The Aramaic Targum, and, The Flat Earth as Key to Decrypt the Book of Enoch.”

As I pondered all that I had learned, I became overwhelmed
I sat alone in silence and cried. I was angry and I came to the conclusion that everything I had ever learned was a lie, I discovered that the religious institutions as, well as our educational systems, were nothing more than a great deception. Their goal was to dumb us down and indoctrinate us in order to divide and conquer.
I wanted to scream to illustrate my burden but, there weren’t any words to describe how I felt.

I felt as though I had lived my entire life in a dreamland and then awakened to live the final nightmare!
I discovered the plans of the elite and how they had controlled us, what their wicked plans were, and how easily manipulated I was.
The thought of it all left me broken but not defeated!

I knew I could no longer sleep nor dream their visions and with no other alternative but to face reality, I surrendered…

For the first time I opened my eyes and saw a new world unfamiliar yet meaningful, hopeless now hopeful; moreover ,
I found the truth with my Savior, the Son of YHWH, Yeshua the one and only true living God.💕

Morning came and I began my journey of a thousand miles down the rabbit hole with Zen Garcia and Yesuah as our guide.

It was then that I discovered; nightmares only happen when you close your eyes.

“With eyes wide open” only now was I able to see that nothing was and, nothing is, what it appears to be. And the God that I never understood; I was beginning to understand.

So I chose to embrace truth and…











Find Zen Garcia at


Zen Garcia Endeavor Freedom on Youtube

~ Attitude ~


The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to 
me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company… a church… a home…a country…

The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past… we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you… we are in charge of our Attitudes…


Charles R. Swindoll

~Forever Young~


This set of photographs was shot on Mother’s Day this year in Portland Oregon.   My daughter, her pug and I were playing carelessly in the park, as I gazed over at the swing set and for just a moment, I could see my daughter swinging twenty-five years earlier. The reminiscent thought was and always will be cherished.
That’s why I named this set of photographs, “Forever Young.”





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~Pug Teachings~

While visiting my children last month in Portland Oregon I was introduced to our newest family member, Ninja, the acrobat. His given name appropriately fits his outstanding ability to master gymnastics, ungracefully at times. “Laughs”

My daughter  Candice and I laughed until our stomachs ached while watching her puppy’s childish play.  Candice and I are artists in several areas. Whether 

 we were beading, painting or trying certain techniques in photography, Ninja would run through the middle and flip over our creations like a bull on steroids, either landing on the other side of our crafts, creating a distraction, or directly in the middle sending our beads or paint flying in the air. ! “~laughing”~

We finally found a solution to our problem. We would take him outside before creating and throw the ball until he was exhausted then take him in and put him to bed right next to us. He would sleep right through our art session which lasted two to three hours. 

I miss his childlike energy and his intuition on human behavior. He taught me a lot about enjoying life to the fullest and selflessness. He taught me a truth that had been hidden inside me.  Home is where the heart is, and my heart lives in Portland with my wonderful family.

~The truth about Waco Texas Bikers~

Four weeks after the deadly May 17th shooting incident outside a Waco Twin Peaks restaurant, more details have come out concerning the incident, but significant questions still remain about the actions taken by law enforcement and the police’s account of what transpired.

Although the national mainstream media has largely moved on from the Waco story, if critics of the police are correct, the incident represents an unprecedented civil rights violation and media cover-up campaign by the Waco authorities.

Police in Waco still have yet to state how many bikers, if any, were killed by the police, or to explain why the police showed up in force at all prior to the meeting on May 17th.

In a statement on Friday, the police said that of 16 officers that were in the parking lot, only three fired a total of 12 shots.  However, the statement still didn’t clarify how many of the bikers were killed by police. Authorities say they have not recieved final autopsy results that would clarify ballistics.

Then there’s the issue of the vague charges and mass arrests: if innocent people were arrested, held for weeks, and publicly accused of heinous crimes, it’s a nightmare scenario for dozens of people, impacting their work, family and personal reputations.

There are mounting reasons to believe that’s what happened. As the AP reported on May 22nd, over 115 of the men taken into custody had no criminal record but were still held on $1,000,000 bond, for what have been called ‘fill in the name” charges of engaging in organized criminal activity:

Waco police have said that all those arrested after the shooting belonged to criminal motorcycle gangs. Most of them were being held on $1 million bonds Thursday, charged with engaging in criminal enterprise. Nine people were killed in Sunday’s shootout.

Although dozens of those arrested do have criminal records, 117 did not have any convictions listed under their names and birthdates in a database maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The database also shows five of the people killed had convictions in Texas.

One example of how the police seem to have ignored the line between biker groups with known criminal connections, and non-criminal motorcyclists, involves four men from the Austin area who were part of a motorcycle club called the Grim Guardians: Juan Garcia, Drew King, Jim Harris and Bonar Crump.

There is nothing at all to indicate the Grim Guardians are anything more than what they claim to be: a group of Christian motorcyclists committed to helping children. Austin police do not have the Grim Guardians listed as a criminal biker gang.

The Grim Guardians motorcycle club is an offshoot from a group called Guardians of Children that Garcia, King, Harris and Crump all belonged to.  The Guardians are focused on helping victims of child abuse, often visiting children and conducting charity rides.

A February 2014 article in the Seguin Gazette shows Crump posing with other Guardians of Children as they gathered to help abuse victims in Guadalupe County.

Nor do the Grim Guardians’ backgrounds indicate criminality. Garcia has an engineering degree and worked for the city of Austin. Crump graduated from Baylor University with a degree in English, and from Oklahoma Baptist University with a history degree, and he owns his own business.

However, since the four were arrested, the incident has cast a shadow over their lives, because the Waco authorities immediately took a “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” attitude.

Grim Guardians members King, Harris and Garcia were featured in a previous Breitbart Texas story because they were arrested near the Twin Peaks scene, but hadn’t actually been there. They were given a smaller bond and then released, but once Waco officials realized they had been released, they ordered the trio re-arrested… before they were eventually released again.

In the initial press conference after the shooting, Waco Police described “three men” on their way to Twin Peaks who had been arrested, making it sound as though the three were en route to take part in a planned biker brawl.

However, now that a police incident report has surfaced, it appears King, Harris and Garcia were arrested for being at the scene, and wearing leather jackets with Grim Guardians patches. There’s no indication that the police officer actually knew who the Grim Guardians are, or what they do.

The police report says:

While speaking with all three men as they sat in the grassy area, noticed tall three were wearing a black leather vest with several patches indicating they were a motorcycle club member. All three had on a black leather vest and on the back of it had the name GRIM GUARDIAN, ROCKER on the top patch and in the center of the black leather vest had a round patch with the symbol of half of a skull on one side and half of a Viking helmet on the other. Also a small patch MC standing for motorcycle club and a bottom rocker patch stating the words SLAUGHTER CREEK, representing the part of the city they were from.

The smearing of criminal and non-criminal bikers doesn’t just extend to groups like the Grim Guardians. It may apply to individuals with connections to the two biker groups that have been identified as outlaw gangs involved in the Twin Peaks shootings: the Cossacks and the Bandidos.

After reports saying that one of the nine people killed – 65 year old decorated vet Jessie Delgado – had no criminal ties or club affiliation, a piece in the Dallas Morning News two weeks ago Friday raised new questions about another man killed. The article says that Cossacks member Richard “Bear” Kirschner of Richardson had no criminal record, and that he drove to the Waco event with his wife, in their family car.

The Morning News piece quotes friends of Kirschner who praise him as a gentle family man, but also includes a quote from “Lori,” a friend of Kirschner, who echoed some of the rumors swirling as more doubts are raised about the police account of the Twin Peaks incident.

In fact, Lori said, the biker community is rife with reports about witnesses who heard the discharge of lots of high-powered weaponry after a few initial pop-pop sounds of handguns. The reports sounded like they came from “muzzled or suppressed high-powered weapons,” said Lori, though she wasn’t there. The theory is that the heavy fire came from tactical police officers.


Isn’t it hard to identify supressed high-powered gunfire? Not for the biker community, many of whom are ex-military and have been around firearms a lot, Lori said. Speaking of that day in Waco, she said, “The Leatherneck Club was there. Different mom and pop groups. The Foreign Legion riders group. Many of them were veterans. You learn to differentiate.”

The Waco police press release on Friday confirmed the use of suppressors.

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☆Too Much Turkey 4 Tinker☆

Tinker had eaten a little bit too much turkey on thanksgiving.
She is so fat she can’t fit into her winter clothes from last year. 
I had to get her a new outfit yesterday at the Ross.


I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I adopted her from the animal shelter.  I remember when I first set eyes on her she was so tiny/skinny and frightened.

The pound attendant said they had found her running wild in the city of Yuma.  She was living on the streets for thanksgiving last year.  It breaks my heart to think of it.
Alone, starving,  and certainly terrified!

I look at her now and she’s so contented.  Always happy and just a  precious addition to our family.  I’m so thankful to have spent this Thanksgiving with her. She ate until she was full, well, maybe over full,  but don’t we all overeat on the Holidays. Then she climbed into her new fluffy winter bed and, well, here are the pictures, see for yourself if you think maybe she ate too much.




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