My sister Deborah Ann Musquiz with her beautiful daughter Jennifer Musquiz

By Donna Brown, Bowles.    Published from WordPress (C) January 14,2022

                      Debbie my sister, I love and miss you so…
When I first heard that you had left this earth, the only thing I know, is that,
I missed you and, I loved you and, am sorry for not telling you before you had to go.

Broken, and reluctant to believe that it was actually you,  then, it hit me, It is definitely true! And now I must confess,  I should have been there for you before this  awful mess…           I’m sorry.   I regret that I was not there for you as, you were there for me.

As reality echos in a melancholy tone; I want to be where you are so, you won’t have to be alone…

Reminiscence, in days of long ago;  there’s a special space in time, where only you and I can go.

Like how you nurtured me when I was very young.  You were an angel, that I truly loved.

I thought of all the times when I had been awakened in the night and I’d say, “Debbie,  I’m afraid,” and, you’d say,
” Come on, it will be alright, ”  allowing me to sleep with you until the break of day.

Our mother was so burdened , raising children on her own but, you were always there to help, and make a happy home.

You made sure I was in, when the streetlights were turned on. You made our home a refuse, anchored to our Jesus and our Lord.

Mom knew that she could trust you until the morning light. You were blessed with strength and courage to guide us through life’s journey insuring that we did it right.

Teaching by example made me want to be like you. When things were broken, you fixed them, putting a smile on mom’s face. I always wondered how you knew the workings of radios, and mother’s clocks . Your determination to always make everything alright.

And now you’re gone, leaving painful memories so high I cannot reach. Forced to lie here broken as, if I cannot speak; it feels like forever!?
why did you have to leave!?

And truthfully,  at this moment everything’s I can see, isn’t really clear… ,honestly, I sure wished you would have stayed.

Words crashing in my head,  screaming, “why was it not me instead!?” It feels so wrong, I cannot look, my thoughts of you are off the hook! Regrets, leave me devastated, absent of words to speak.  I just thought you’d be here forever but, I guess it wasn’t ment to be. GOD had other plans you see, He needed a rock’n’angel so, HE chose you because you were much stronger than our brother Joe and me.

Debbie,  my sister, I love you and, I wish I had one last chance to tell you  before you had to pass.

My beautiful angelic sister with her soul mate, her husband, Sonny.

Photos of my dear sister and her beautiful family.  R. I. P.

I know you’re with our mother and I cannot wait to see…. your smile and the laughter of times that used to be. I know it is timeless until my eyes can see but, I  must admit the truth, GOD has truley set you free.

R.I.P. my  angelic sister.

“Sigh,” My sister,  she is gone…

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