The master storyteller told a story about a little 8 year old girl who was living in an orphanage.
She was extremely shy and very unattractive, the other children wouldn’t play with her and she was always alone, all of the time.

She was a problem to the teachers and the management of the institution sought to get rid of her, she had already been transferred twice.

At that particular home there was an iron-clad rule that any outside communication had to be censored by the director or the associate.

Late one afternoon this little girl climbed a tree whose branches hung over the main wall, she placed an envelope on a limb as, far out as she could possibly reach.

She had been watched by the director and when the girl had returned to her room the director, in the end most undignified fashion, climbed the tree and retrieved the mysterious message.

After she had read it, without a word, she passed it to her associate.
The letter read.

From Susan to anybody who reads this…

I love you.

Post by Donna Brown, Bowles

Author unknown