By Donna Brown Bowles (C)
July 16, 2018

You have been gone so long.

We wished You’re weren’t so far away.

We pray for you every night.

Joey prayed for you to come home today.

Well, I thought you might want to know that Joey graduated from kindergarten today.

His smile how it lit up the room.

He so reminded me of you.

All the other mom’s were there.

His teacher said sometimes he’s happy, but most the time he misses you.

Oh how we wish that you were there.

All the kids sang a song.

To thank the mom’s that came along.

But Joey didn’t participate.

He just sat alone.

And wrote you a little poem.

The teacher said he could read his now.

But Joey said he’s saving it for a special day.

When his mom comes home…

With every day that’s gone by,
another memory slips away.

All the springs, summers, and falls and, lonesome winters without you here.

My how time slips away…

Joey said to send his love.

His eyes filled up with tears as he looked at your picture on the wall.

I guess that’s how life becomes
When moms are sad the pain takes away all they had

And son’s dream their dreams at night.
And tears fall all winter.

And summer comes

And time just slips away…

[By Donna Brown Bowles

(C) July 16 2018]

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