Happy Mothers Day Mom | iblogstr8sicit’s Blog by Donna Bowles, Brown

Happy Mothers Day Mom I Miss You….

My mother,
How she made everything
Beautiful and new.

Her smile lit up every room.

Her kindness, and unfailing love, always took away my gloom.

I miss you mom with my heart and soul.

Your fragrance fills the air with all the stories that you told…

Never, in the entire world would there be a mother with your heart of gold.

It’s seems like only yesterday I would kneel by you at night and pray…

Our trips to the ocean shore, a lunch for two, and the taste of that salty breeze, as though it was only yesterday, just you and me…

Oh mother, how I miss you so…
I just wished that we could be together just once more…

The day will come when we will be in heaven with our Father forevermore; your smile I cannot wait to see…

Until that day, I’ll hold on tight to my dreams with all my might..

But, for now another Mother’s Day must end…

May God be with you till we meet again…

Happy Mother’s Day my precious Mom…I ❤ you…


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