Operation Jade Helm 15 UPDATE



Located in the center of the Jade Helm logo is what people are calling the “ghost shoe”.  What does it represent?  In Hitler’s concentration camps, prisoners were forced to wear these clogs.  Could that explain why the shoe is of a ghost?  The memory of what was and what’s about to become?  hillary-clintonIlluminati member Hillary Clinton recently spoke about camps.  Quote:  “As I have gotten older, I have decided we really need to have camps for adults.  I think we have a huge fun deficit.  We need some reminder about life skills.”  Thus, the Illuminati (as they believe) are blameless for their sins, because they have warned the public.

The Department of Defense (DoD) admits the shoe is a clog, a “sabot”, the origin of the word “sabotage”.  But, who’s trying to sabotage who?  What’s Jade Helm all about?  When asked, the DoD won’t explain what it means, calling it…

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Babylonian Fall

I wrote this last year and i found it and it produced many tears! God help and bless us all This 4th of July 2015.

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Like a soul without radiance

As a heartbeat without rhythm

A violin absent of its bow

A visionary with hollow eyes
His dream apparently has died

Comparisons of contrast as

Brass resounding in the wind

Is a nuisance of its tone

Incongruity the equal of its sum

Resonance of harmony

Is of course an impossibility

As a conductor of a symphony

Directs with amputated arms

So is a society blinded by demise

Humanity is Saddened

Filling rivers with her cries

History repeats a babylonian fall

A Holocaust of America

Will be remembered in its majesty

Only as a “pop” on every Facebook wall


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~Follow Your Dreams~


This photograph was talking on the Oregon Coast.  After a month visit with my children we headed home taking the scenic route hwy 101.

Our first stop was Newport Beach Oregon.  It was here that I stopped to reflect on what was truly important in my life. My dream of being with my family was all I could feel.
At this particular moment I decided to follow my dream and drift back home where my heart lives.
And my heart lives in Portland.


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~Forever Young~


This set of photographs was shot on Mother’s Day this year in Portland Oregon.   My daughter, her pug and I were playing carelessly in the park, as I gazed over at the swing set and for just a moment, I could see my daughter swinging twenty-five years earlier. The reminiscent thought was and always will be cherished.
That’s why I named this set of photographs, “Forever Young.”






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